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Giampiero Nadali

Hi, I'm Giampiero Nadali, digital wine contents creator & marketer: wine blogger, wine marketer and wine events organizer.

In 2008 I changed my professional life, switching to wine business: I started my own consultancy business, dedicated to Internet marketing & sales for wineries. This move was prepared since 2005 when I was starting the wine blog "Aristide, blogging around wine world", followed in 2006 by the video channel "Aristide WebTV" (see URLs here below). Developping public relations in wine business through blogging was fast and amusing. Actually Aristide is considered in Italy one of the most influential wine blog on the scene. My professional career started in ICT business, marketing & sales and business development. Later on, I joined Infracom Italia S.p.A. at its startup of operations in 2001. Infracom is a telecom operator and ICT service provider, third in Italy in terms of dimension of its network backbone.

Giampiero Nadali's Background

Giampiero Nadali's Experience

Partner at Proposta

April 2010

Integrating "digital wine business" competence into a solid and innovative consultancy activity for wineries and wine institutions.

Founder at Fermenti Digitali

January 2008

Digital wine business: consultancy, Internet marketing, events for wineries and wine business. We help wine people to adopt digital technologies in wine business, approaching all digital innovations and opportunities.

Wine blogger at

January 2005

Wine blogger @ Aristide, blogging around wine world More info here:

Business Developer "Professor Wine Project" at Edulife S.p.A.

January 2008 - January 2009

Business Developer Professor Wine project, e-Learning dedicated to wine professionals and consumers.

Senior Key Account at Infracom Italia Spa

2001 - December 2007

Senior Key Account I joined Infracom Italia at its startup of operations in 2001. Infracom is a telecom operator and ICT service provider, third in Italy in terms of dimension of its network backbone. I contributed to its growth through sales on key accounts, product marketing, business development of some new services, purchasing of ICT and telecommunications hardware and services. Actually I'm assigned to develop relationshiphs at an important industrial partner (in which our company has a relevant stake) and to special operations dedicated to develop new wireless broadband networks.

Marketing & Sales Manager at SIM2 Multimedia Spa

1999 - 2001

SIM2 Multimedia Spa is an Italian manufacturer of large displays and videoprojectors for consumer and professional markets. Leader in Home Theatre CRT and DLP Projectors and videowalls displays, under the licensed brand of Seleco. I was in charge of developing the Italian Large Accounts market for large displays and videowalls systems dedicated to control rooms, operative rooms, etc. Focus on four main market segments: telecommunication, defense, transport & traffic, energy & utililities. To define and implement marketing resources (Internet marketing, PRs, special events, etc.).

MARKETING MANAGER at Digital Video Service Spa

January 1997 - January 1999

Digital Video Service Srl - Padova Distributore e System Integrator di Sony Broadcast & Professional. Responsabile new business per il mercato "istituzionale" (large account, P.A.).

Business Developer at Vivarium Srl - Milano

1994 - 1996


January 1986 - January 1988

Giampiero Nadali's Education

University of Bologna

1979 – 1985


Concentration: Economics and Business Administration

Liceo Scientifico A. Roiti, Ferrara

1974 – 1979

Maturita Scientifica

Giampiero Nadali's Interests & Activities

Wine and food, cinema, books, golf, travelling.

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