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Hi, I'm Giampiero Nadali, digital wine contents creator & marketer: wine blogger, wine marketer and wine events organizer.

Giampiero Nadali's Bio:

Giampiero Nadali - In 2008 I changed my professional life, switching to wine business: I started my own consultancy business, dedicated to Internet marketing & sales for wineries. This move was prepared since 2005 when I was starting the wine blog "Aristide, blogging around wine world", followed in 2006 by the video channel "Aristide WebTV" (see URLs here below). Developing public relations in wine business through blogging was fast and amusing. Currently, Aristide is considered in Italy one of the most influential wine blogs on the scene. My professional career started in ICT business, marketing & sales, and business development. Later on, I joined Infracom Italia S.p.A. at its start-up of operations in 2001. Infracom is a telecom operator and ICT service provider, third in Italy in terms of the dimension of its network backbone.

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Wine and food, cinema, books, golf, travelling.

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